Hillsboro Roofing – The Best Installers In town

Macho’s Construction is your top Hillsboro roofing company. In business for five years, Machos Construction is the installer that large companies use as their subcontractors.

Many other Hillsboro roofing companies are not top-level certified by a major manufacturer. Macho’s Construction is Gold Level certified with GAF. We offer 50-year product warranties and 25-year labor warranties backed by the 180-year-old shingle manufacturer GAF.

If you’re looking for a Hillsboro Roofing company that is top-level certified with a major manufacturer, offers the highest quality of installation, and has the longest warranties in the industry, look no further than Macho’s Construction for your Hillsboro roofing needs.

Gold Level Certification

Machos Construction – Hillsboro Roofing

There are just four major roofing manufacturers. We choose to use GAF as we believe that its products are superior to all others. We have years of experience installing all four of the major manufacturers. GAF is more expensive than the others, but in our opinion, it’s worth the difference.

With your Hillsboro roofing project, you want to protect your home with the best warranties and the best products. GAF shingles are meant to last against the wind, rain, snow, and even fire. We use Timerbline HDZ shingles as our base shingle. We do offer even higher quality shingles through GAF but these are fantastic 50-year shingles.

The Problem With Hillsboro Roofing

Many homes in Hillsboro Oregon were built in the 90’s and early 2000’s with the intel boom. The problem during this time was that the underlayment that was used was not tar paper or synthetic underlayment but it was felt paper. Metal valley flashing was also something that was lacking which is used to prevent water from getting into the valleys. The worst of the problems though that is common with Hillsboro is the ventilation. The amount of ventilation that was considered “up-to-code” is now known as inadequate and improper. Many homes have growth in their attics because of the ventilation practices of these times. If you’d like to know what’s going on in your attic, give us a call and schedule an attic and roof inspection.