Portland Roofing – The Best Installers in town

Portland Roofing can be tricky. You want to work with a well-trusted company to install your roof. Portland Roofing and roofing in the PNW is not like anywhere else. We must know how to work in the elements and install for the elements of the PNW.

Macho’s Construction is a local, minority-owned, woman-owned Portland roofing company. We have been in business for 5 years and we are the installers that install for the large companies that have huge sales crews and overpriced roofs. Instead of going with them, you can go directly with us for your roof and pay half the price and get the same warranty and the same quality.

If you’re in Portland and you’re looking for a Portland roofing company, look no further than Macho’s Construction.

Three Types Of Portland Roofing Companies

We view Portland roofing companies in three ways. You either have the “Big Companies”, legitimate roofing companies, or “chuck-in-the-truck.” The big companies are not actually roofing companies but sales and financing companies that overcharge for a roof by 100-150% and pay the installers a small wage. Chuck-in-the-truck is just a handyman that has their CCB and says they can do it all but really they just go pick up day laborers to do the work for them. Lastly, you have companies like Machos Construction. These Portland roofing companies offer a high-quality installation, low price, and long manufacturer warranties for both labor and product.

GAF Windproven for Portland Roofing

Why Do We Use GAF Products For Our Portland Roofing Projects?

GAF products are ideal for Portland roofing as the weather here demands a strong shingle with a great wind warranty, durability to water, and, unfortunately, fire. As we’ve seen recently, the PNW is susceptible to fires and it’s good to put a product on your roof that protects against all of these elements. Watch the GAF video and see just why we choose GAF products to protect your home.

Portland roofing projects demand a high-quality shingle with a high-quality install. Many roofers use felt paper underneath their shingles, we do NOT. Using felt paper is great for Arizona but not for Portland. We use only synthetic underlayments. The synthetic underlayments are what protect your plywood from water intrusion if the shingle were to fail.

Why Choose Machos Construction?

Why should you choose Machos Construction as your Portland roofing installer of choice?

  1. Machos General Construction LLC is Gold Level Certified with GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in the nation.
  2. Machos installations qualify for 50-year product warranties and 25-year workmanship warranties.
  3. Machos is an installer for the large companies that charge you 2-3x’s more than Machos. You are hiring the installer, not the sales company.
  4. Machos is woman-owned. Helida Montes is the owner and operator of Machos General Construction LLC.
  5. Machos is a minority owned business. 95% of roofers in the Portland roofing scene are latino but many of the roofing companies are owned by non-latino’s. Machos is latina owned.

Free Portland Roof Inspections

Macho’s will provide you with a FREE roof inspection. We inspect the roof materials from on top of the roof and we inspect roof decking from inside of your attic. The inspection will take about 30-45 minutes. Our inspectors will take time and location-stamped photos so that you will know that the photos you are seeing are of your roof and not of a neighbor. It’s common for roofing companies to show you terrible photos that are not your home to scare you into buying a roof. Our inspectors will give you a true and honest outlook for the future of your roof. Portland Roofing is rife with bad apples, we’re here to help.